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PUR 999 ®

999 Silver nursing cups

The 999‰ silver nursing cup help new mothers in the period of breastfeeding, preventing and relieving pain caused by breast fissures. Silver, with its bactericidal properties, offers immediate pain relief and promotes rapid relief.


Feautres of PUR 999® silver cups

Silver 999‰

best effectiveness

only 2,7 grams

of pure lightness

1,85in x 0,59in

perfect from cup B to E

Medical device

Class 1

100% recyclable

Made in Italy

Guaranteed quality

Anatomical shape

For the best comfort

The size and the particular anatomical shape of the pure silver cup allows optimal adherence to the nipple.

The weight of just 2.7 g for each cup also makes them very comfortable to use and completely discreet.

The silver cups can be worn daily, and throughout the breastfeeding period, without time limits.

Paracapezzoli pur 999

How to use them

After breastfeeding, place a drop of milk in the cup which will serve to ensure perfect adherence to the nipple.
Finally, put on the bra that will hold the cups in place.


Temporarily remove the nipple shields and proceed with breastfeeding. At the end the cups can be worn again.

After use

Simply wash PUR 999® nipple shields using neutral soap, rinse carefully under water and dry with the soft cloth supplied.

A great help

Against cracked nipples

Suffering from breast fissures is a fairly common problem during breastfeeding period.

They cause pain to the mother, but as a side effect they push new mothers to stop breastfeeding prefering other nutrition types which, however, cannot provide the same nutritional intake that mother’s milk can give.

For all new mothers

A precious gift

PUR 999® nipple shields are the perfect gift for expectant mothers!

You will help the new mother to breastfeed the newborn with even more joy.

At the same time the PUR 999® cups are like a precious jewel made of pure 999 Silver.

Regala pur 999

Opinions of those who have tried them


Absolutely not, the flavour of the milk remains unchanged.

No, the silver used in PUR999® nipple shields is 100% pure and has not undergone any treatment (rhodium plating, silver plating, gold plating, chrome plating, etc.). For this reason it is completely safe to use.

Because the higher the purity, the higher the effectiveness. No lamination, no galvanic bath, no coating; only pure silver.

After use, simply wash the cups with neutral soap, rinse under water and dry with the soft cloth provided.

Inside the package, you will find two PUR 999® nipple shelds, user manual, warranty certificate, cleaning cloth and the QR code of the declaration of conformity. PUR999® is a class 1 medical device.

The PUR999 cups are one of the few pure 999 silver cups. In most cases other brands cups are made of 925 silver or other metals which are then "coated" with silver. The PUR999 nipple shields also have a more anatomical and harmonious shape than the others on the market which allow optimal adherence to the nipple and breast alveoli.

The silver nursing cup are suitable from cup B to E. Smaller or larger sizes do not totally exclude the effectiveness of the product which could however be slightly lower.

Full datasheet

Dimensions of the cup

1,85in x 0,59in

Breast size

perfect from cup B to E

Inside the package

2 cups, user manual, warranty certificate, cleaning cloth.


999‰ Silver

Silver weight

5.4g (2 cups)

Box size

Ø 3,6in x 1,89in

Box weight